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Law & Order Secret Santa

Christmas 2009

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Law & Order Secret Santa - Christmas 2009
Wishlist posting is now open!

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Welcome to Law & Order Santa, an LJ Secret Santa community for the Law & Order franchise.

For those who have never participated in a Secret Santa comm: Basically, we match people with a Santa, and the Santas give their people virtual gifts based in a certain fandom. In this case, the Law & Order franchise.

This particular community is based mostly off gossipgirlsanta, so props to the fine runners of that comm. :)

How It Works

1. Join the community. (Community membership will remain open until the last day for wishlist posting, November 17. After that, membership will be locked. Make sure you join and get your wishlist posted before the deadline!)

2. Post an entry containing your wishlist between October 12 - November 17. Please use the form provided in the next section. REMEMBER TO TAG YOUR WISHLIST WITH YOUR USERNAME AND THE TAG "WISHLIST"!!!

3. Between November 18 - 21 (or as close to these dates as possible), you will be given the name of another member who posted a wishlist. This person is your giftee!

4. Once you get your name, you can begin working on your gift. You don't have to match your Santa's entire wishlist, but try to stick as close to it as you can. Every effort will be made to match Santas with members who can satisfy their needs. (God, that sounds kind of dirty...)

5. Between December 20 - January 5, gifts are to be posted. This is also the time where you reveal who your Santa is. Although I've given plenty of time (a little over two weeks) for people to get their gifts posted, I understand that things come up, especially during the holiday season. If this is the case and you are unable to post your gift, just e-mail it to lawandordersanta@gmail.com and I'll post it for you.

6. After January 5, I will do a gift round-up and ensure that everyone has received a present. Those who haven't will be assigned a back-up gifter. (However, PLEASE do not use this as an excuse to blow off your gift. It's a hassle for people to have to handle what you signed up to do. So let's all try to get our gifts finished on time, yeah?)

Wishlist Form

All fields are required.

LJ username: Needed for tagging purposes. (Plus, it just looks fancy.)
Email address: This will be used for receiving information about your Secret Santa. If you prefer not to post your e-mail in public, send it to our e-mail address, lawandordersanta@gmail.com, with your username, and make a note in your wishlist letting us know that this is what you're doing.
Fandoms: Specify which of the Law & Order fandoms you want to create/receive gifts for, as well as which fandoms you do not want gifts for or cannot write for. The following fandoms are accepted: Law & Order; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Law & Order: Criminal Intent; Law & Order: Trial By Jury; and Law & Order: UK.
What I Want: Tell what kind of gift you'd like to receive. Fics, graphics, fanmixes...uh, whatever else you can think of. Be as specific as possible so that your gift-maker will understand what it is you want.
What I Can Do: Tell what kind of gift you'd like to create. Again, be as specific as possible. This, along with What I Want, is the primary information used to match people.
What I Can't Do: Tell if there is a certain character/pairing you can't write, or if there is a certain type of gift you are unable to make (example: you have dial-up computer; therefore, uploading a fanmix is out of the question).
Anything Else: Any questions, comments, or concerns that aren't covered by the above form go here.

And because I know that people are lazy, here's the code. You can thank me later. ;)

Other Jobs

If you'd like to help out the community in other ways, or if you don't want to make anything but still feel like participating in some way, there are other jobs that can be signed up for: beta-reading and back-up gifting. The sign-up posts for these jobs will go up sometime in early November, and the post for requesting a beta will go up sometime during the gift-making period.

Beta Readers: This is in case anyone writing fic needs someone to look over their work before they post it. (Although I suppose we could have them for graphics and stuff if anyone really wants to...)

Back-Up Gifters: After January 5, there will be a gift round-up to ensure that everyone has received a gift. If someone is without a gift on January 5 - whether their Santa drops out or simply drops off the face of the Earth - they will be assigned a back-up gifter.



If you would like to become an affiliate of l_and_o_santa, comment here!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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